Equine Ultrasound

veterinary ultasound

  • Lightweight, less than 5 pounds
  • Nearly 2 hours of scan time on one charge
  • Removable battery
  • Outstanding SuperHarmonic™ imaging with full color doppler capabilities Easy-to-use full touch screen
  • Extremely durable Gorilla® glass
  • Drop tested from 10 feet

ENV - Enhanced Needle Visualization uses 2nd generation technology, providing better needle visualization at steeper angles without image degradation or a drop in frame rates  

the newest Repro Transducer on the market

  • Frequency - 4 to 8 MHZ
  • Array Length – 60mm 
  • Cable length 10 ft with reinforced Strain Relief

1.) Very durable transducer with strong cabling and a high-end Strain Relief connecting the cable to the handle

2.) 10 foot cable length providing long distance between the probe handle and the system in the barn area

3.) 60mm high performance linear array providing excellent image quality

4.) Our unique handle was designed from input by Equine Veterinarians which offers the best ergonomically shaped handle for all users and was designed with maximum safety for the animals

5.) The probe was built with materials to provide a very light and easy to handle transducer

6.) The transducer provides excellent grayscale imaging as well as very fine color/doppler imaging.  The trapezoidal feature on the probe opens the field of view  to an outstanding level for the most accurate diagnosis