u-Smart 3200T

Big Power

See What Others Miss... our proprietary veterinary ultrasound has remote log-in technology for training and support.  You now have a more powerful veterinary ultrasound imaging experience with enhanced contrast resolution that makes borders easy to see for better ultrasound images.

Diagnosis the first visit

Sequel Diagnostics offers veterinary-specific ultrasound technology that is user-friendly, and ready to start working in no time.

Training • Support


•  Training made easy, step by step,    protocol driven

•  On your time

•  With our Sonongraphers


USmart 3200t

A new SuperHarmonicTM engine provides the system with imaging performance unrivaled in the industry.  

Developed by top ultrasound experts, the portable solution provides the advanced features and functionality needed to perform fully diagnostic exams, and is easy enough for the beginner  

to scan with factory presets and familiar  touchscreen capabilities.

Imaging Modes  

• 2D (B-Mode)

• M-Mode 

• Color Doppler 

• Pulsed Wave Doppler 

• Power Doppler 

• Directional Power Doppler

• Continuous Wave Doppler

• Tissue Doppler

• Tissue Harmonic Imaging with SuperHarmonics™

System Features

• Touch Screen with Smart Gestures™ 

• 11.6" Backlit High-Resolution LCD with Gorilla Glass

• 256 GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

• Still Frame Image Export (BMP, JPEG)

• Dynamic Clip Export (AVI)

• DICOM 3.0 Compliant

• DICOM Structured Reporting (DICOM SR)

– Cardiac

– Vascular

• uConnect™ Remote Capability

• USB 3.0 Port

• Ethernet Port

• SD Memory Card Slot 

• Wireless and Bluetooth 

• Stereo Speakers 

• Headphone Jack

• Built-In Camera 

• Cold Boot-Up Time: < 45 Seconds

• Smart Mark™

• Smart Guide™

• Micro HDMI Port

• Removable Battery and DC Input

• Built-in 5 Megapixel Camera

The Most Advanced Equine Repro Transducer

* Ergonomically shaped handle with finger channels for maximum comfort and safety

* 10 foot cable length

* Very durable transducer with strong high-end Strain Relief connections

* 60mm high performance

* Linear Array providing excellent image quality

* Built with materials to be very light and easy to use


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